Skirts come in various shapes and
styles and they are essential items
in a woman’s wardrobe. It’s common
to think that skirts are not as easily
worn as other items like jeans but a
few pair of skirts that can be easily
paired with multiple shirts can be
worn everyday just like jeans. They
can even be dressed up more unlike
When selecting skirts its best to
choose neutral colours that can be
worn with several other items and
more importantly, go for skirts that
best compliment your body shape
Like dresses, here is a list of various
skirts types that you should have in
your wardrobe.
1. Pleated A-line skirt
This is small at the waist and
widens evenly as it reaches towards
the ground. They are usually wider
at the hemline than at the
waistline. This type of skirt is perfect
for women with heavy lower parts
because skirts like this stay away
from anything that is too tight at
the bottom.


2. Midi skirt
An elegantly full midi skirt is the
perfect accompaniment for a variety
of ensembles, making this basic, but
hardly boring.


3. Pencil skirt
Pencil skirts are extremely stylish,
wonderfully sexy and quite versatile
– and with the right accessories and
styling, you can easily transform it
from a plain librarian look into
something more chic and fun.


4. Peplum hem skirt
Peplum hems are so on trend this
season and are great for teaming
with a fitted shirt tucked in or a
printed tee. Add a splash of colour
with accessories, a handbag
and ankle strap heels.


5. A monochrome skirt
White and black (monochrome)
skirt is the perfect addition to your
wardrobe this season. Pulling off the
statement-making skirt is made easy
with this stretchy, figure
accentuating number.


6. Maxi Skirt
Maxi skirts are a must-have
separate for day or night. Hot
weather or cold, black-tie or laid-
back, no matter the occasion, there’s
a long skirt that can fit the bill.


Some additional tips:
-Flat bottomed women should wear
skirts that are tight or fitted to make
their buttocks look bigger, skirts
scrunched at the waistline also give
the appearance of size. Avoid skirts
like the A-line or fishtail they make
your bottom like flatter
-Short women shouldn’t wear skirts
that extend below the knees,
slimmer and slightly tapered skirts
give the appearance of height
-Tall women can wear knee length or
calf length skirts.
-Women that are not curvy and
women that have a really heavy
upper part should wear skirts that
are shorter, fuller and scrunch up at
the waistline because it adds
volume to the bottom half of the
body which creates a balanced look.
-If you have a big stomach it is
advisable to wear skirts that are
tapered skirts that are not tight at
the waistline or a peplum skirt.

Sorry lovlies i havent been posting for a while,i have been super busy*just became an aunt yaaay 🙂 am so in love i never want to put him down* plus i have a fashion rut from hell,but i am working on that….

Enjoy the read darlings…


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